Wild Life – Insects

Wild Life – Insects


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AAA quality PBR characters with great performance and VR ready! Optimized characters that can be used in any platform such as VR, Console, PC and even in a mobile game.

It has handmade LODs, optimized use of bones and optimized use of materials and UVs.


11 animated low poly Insects (6 unique meshes) ready to use!

Includes access to the following packs: Polygonmaker Shaders

* IMPORTANT After purchasing this pack please visit Polygonmaker Shaders to download for free.

The total polycount per model goes from 600 to 1000 tris.

These models use 1024×1024 PBR textures (diffuse and specular maps).

8 animations per character type.


★ Highly optimized and clean meshes

★ Efficient UVs usage to allow higher quality with lower texture sizes

★ Minimized number of materials and meshes to allow lower draw calls and high performance

★ Top quality animations

★ Clean project without unnecessary files



Polygonmaker packages work with URP and HDRP.

To convert our custom shader to URP or HDRP, please download Polygonmaker Shaders and unpack “Shaders URP” or “Shaders HDRP”



Materials: Change from Standard to Mobile Diffuse or Bumped depending of your budget.

Textures: Set the Max Size according your budget, for example 512 for third person games or 256 for RTS games.

Model: 11 (6 unique meshes)

Number of LODs: No

The total polycount per model: 600 to 1000 tris

Texture Resolutions: 1024×1024 PBR textures (diffuse and specular maps)

Rigged: Yes

Mecanim Ready: Generic Rig

Animated: Yes

Blendshapes: No

Number of Animations: 8 per mesh

Animation Types (Root Motion/In-place): Both

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